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Provide ANCC Accredited Continuing Education for Your Staff with Healthcare Partner Solutions

Partner with Elite Healthcare to provide your team with diverse and comprehensive educational resources that will help them deliver quality and consistent care. Our three brands, Elite Learning, Western Schools, and Advance Healthcare Network, offer a combined 75 years of healthcare knowledge, we have been a trusted source of professional development and continuing education since 1985 with a newly expanded user portfolio. Elite Healthcare offers courses across 24 professions to help healthcare professionals stay in compliance in 50 states. We've also teamed up with the Medicare Rights Center to help your staff understand the intricacies of Medicare rules and regulations.

Elite Healthcare and the Medicare Rights Center MRC logo

The Medicare Rights Center has put together courses that cover four important initiatives and partnered with Elite Healthcare to provide credit for these courses. These four courses, called Medicare Interactive Pro, extend your staff's knowledge of Medicare to better assist patients weighing care vs coverage. By educating your staff with this medicare education you could improve patient satisfaction rates as well as reimbursements and educate and engage non-clinical staff on healthcare options. 

Are you interested in providing your licensed healthcare staff with access to our Continuing Education and Professional development program? We can set up company branded access with the following features:
  • Manageable: Design your educational programs based upon learning outcomes you desire. Add or remove courses and track staff progress through the curriculum.
  • Accreditation: We are one of the few providers to achieve ANCC Accreditation with Distinction.
  • In-depth: Many CE providers offer only short courses – Western Schools offers hundreds of courses that are between 15 and 30 hours long.
  • Customizable: While our core curriculum is extensive we are constantly expanding our offerings and many of our business to business partners select courses to create a custom curriculum that supports their organization’s mission.